7 Reasons Why Raising Chickens in Your Backyard is a Great Idea: Benefits & Ways to Raise

Have you ever considered the charm of waking up to the gentle clucks of chickens in your own backyard? I have, and it has been a great decision. My flock of chickens are my pets and an ongoing education on animal husbandry since each day is a different adventure. 

Beyond the allure of daily fresh eggs, there are multiple benefits to raising your own feathered friends. In my comprehensive guide, we will explore 7 compelling reasons why incorporating chickens into your backyard ecosystem is a delightful addition to your home and offers an array of ecological and lifestyle perks.

Get ready to learn how to embrace the joys and advantages of backyard chicken-keeping!

Raising Backyard Chickens: 7 Great Reasons to Start

Raising backyard chickens has become an increasingly popular aspect of sustainable living, providing a myriad of rewarding benefits. Before delving into the 7 reasons to raise backyard chickens, it is essential to recognize the simplicity and joy of keeping chickens right in your backyard.

Whether you are drawn to the idea of fresh eggs or you are looking for a way to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle, the benefits of raising chickens cannot be overstated. The great thing about backyard chickens is that they bring life to your backyard, creating a little farm right outside your door.

Fresh Organic Eggs:
One of the top reasons many decide to keep backyard chickens is for the fresh, organic eggs. 

The difference is night and day between the quality of homegrown eggs and store bought eggs. Heirloom varieties of chickens even lay eggs in a rainbow of colors, much to the delight of my family, especially the children. With these prolific layers, my kitchen never lacks good wholesome food. 

Chicken Eggs Watermarked EKBD
Fresh eggs from my backyard chickens

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Natural Pest Control:
Moreover, chickens contribute to the backyard ecosystem by acting as natural pest control. They forage for bugs and weeds, effectively reducing the need for harmful chemicals in the garden. This fact alone makes chickens a great addition to your own slice of the green patch.

Educational Experience:
Keeping chickens is also a wonderful educational experience. Your family will learn about responsible animal care, the cycle of life, and the origin of their food, which is a fantastic way to ground ourselves in the natural world.

Another good reason to raise backyard chickens is their role in composting. Chickens happily turn kitchen scraps into high-quality fertilizer for your garden, completing a sustainable loop right in your own backyard.

20240331 131636 Compost bin 1 watermarked
My two large compost bins.
My chickens love compost-turning days!

Entertaining to watch:
Chickens are known for their distinct personalities. They are not just egg-layers; they are quite entertaining to watch. The pecking order, their dust baths, and the rooster’s crow at dawn brings a rustic cheer to any backyard and it does not stop at being entertaining.

Raising chickens is also therapeutic. Many chicken owners find solace in the routine of tending to their flock, claiming it to be a calming presence in the hustle and bustle of modern living.

Financially speaking, raising chickens is an investment. While there is some upfront cost, the savings on groceries, as well as potential income from selling eggs, means that your feathered friends actually help bolster your home economy. Not to mention, the sense of community that comes with sharing your bounty with neighbors enhances the benefits of raising chickens, making them great assets to your homestead.

In essence, raising chickens in the backyard brings a touch of self-reliance and rustic charm to your modern life. It is a commitment, but it is one that many find deeply fulfilling. There are multiple reasons to start a flock in your backyard. Whether it is the fresh eggs, pest control, educational opportunities, composting, entertainment, therapy, or economic benefits, raising chickens offers a bit of everything to enhance your backyard living experience.

Keeping Chickens in Your Backyard for Sustainable Living

Keeping chickens in your backyard opens up a world of benefits to sustainable living. At the core, the concept of raising backyard chickens is more than just a trend. It is a step towards self-sufficiency and a statement of good environmental stewardship.

Your backyard becomes a haven of productivity, where every morning, your chickens greet you with the promise of fresh, delicious eggs.

  1. Hy-Line Brown: Approximately 30 eggs/month
  2. Lohmann Brown: Approximately 28 eggs/month
  3. ISA Brown: Approximately 27 eggs/month
  4. Plymouth Rock: Approximately 25 eggs/month
  5. Rhode Island Red: Approximately 22-25 eggs/month
  6. Australorp: Approximately 20-24 eggs/month
  7. Sussex: Approximately 20-23 eggs/month
  8. Leghorn: Approximately 22 eggs/month
  9. Amberlink: Approximately 20-22 eggs/month
  10. Barnevelder: Approximately 18-20 eggs/month

A simple coop and a little space are all you need to start raising chickens. This journey extends beyond great food to include pest control, waste reduction, and the joys of caring for the hens that become part of your family.

Chicken coop 3 cropped watermarked
My first chicken coop
Assembled just an hour ago
Assembly took about an hour.

Raise backyard chickens with ease, and you will discover seven compelling reasons it is a great idea. Your chickens not only supply you with a reliable food source but also contribute rich manure for your garden, turning your backyard into an ecosystem of sustainable living.

The benefits of having backyard chickens are tangible. Your garden thrives as the hens diligently work the soil, searching for bugs and aerating it with their natural behavior. The sense of accomplishment from keeping your own chickens is good for the soul, and there is something profoundly satisfying about collecting eggs from your backyard coop.

These fascinating creatures are excellent composters. Your chickens happily turn kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost, reducing waste and saving money on garden inputs. Diversity is key in a sustainable backyard, and your chickens will be at the heart of it, mingling with other wildlife, supporting biodiversity, and keeping your little ecosystem balanced.

An extra benefit is their ability as natural pest control. Your chickens eagerly hunt and consume insects to help keep your garden free from pests without the use of harmful chemicals.

The educational component cannot be overlooked. When you raise backyard chickens, every member of your family engages with nature and learns about the responsibilities of caring for livestock. Children, in particular, benefit from understanding where their food comes from, and tending to the chickens becomes a cherished part of daily life.

It is clear that the journey of raising chickens in your backyard is tied to numerous benefits, and it supports the broader theme of sustainable living in a way that is both practical and fulfilling.

One might say the act of keeping backyard chickens is a profound narrative of connectedness. It connects us to the land, to the cycle of life, and to the ancient practices of husbandry that have sustained humans for millennia.

EK with chickens 2 watermarked
Peacefully giving my chickens treats.

Consider your decision to house backyard chickens as a statement of ecological awareness, a move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and a great way to deepen your connection with the natural world. Indeed, the choice to embrace a backyard chicken lifestyle is unequivocally good; good for you, good for your family, and good for the planet.

How Garden Fertilizer Benefits from Your Chickens

When you are pondering the perks of raising chickens in your backyard, consider the cultivation of garden fertilizer from your feathery friends. Your chickens are more than just pets or producers of fresh eggs. They are inadvertent gardeners as well since there is a symbiotic relationship between your garden and your lovingly tended chickens.

Keeping chickens is good for the soul and is also great for your lawn and garden. The benefits of integrating your chickens into your garden ecosystem are numerous, and understanding these make your endeavor into backyard chicken keeping all the more rewarding.

Their droppings are nutrient-rich and provide an excellent nitrogen source for your garden. This natural by-product of keeping chickens is composted and turned into a potent fertilizer that helps your garden plants thrive. When you let the chickens roam your garden, they contribute to the health of your soil, enhancing the garden’s productivity. The chickens scratch at the earth and help aerate the soil. Their waste is an ideal addition to create a nutrient-dense humus to feed your plants.

The cycle of life in your backyard is evident in how the chickens assist in composting. Not only do they provide the raw material for compost, but if allowed, they happily turn over the compost pile for you, looking for worms and other tasty morsels. This saves you time and enriches the compost even further.

20240331 131701 Compost bin 3 watermarked

Raising chickens and then applying their composted manure to your garden is not just a hobby, it is a practical, eco-friendly cycle that reduces waste and enhances your soil’s fertility.

Chickens are natural pest controllers. As they peck around the garden, they are actually on pest patrol, pecking away at insects that would otherwise damage your garden plants. The chickens benefit your garden ecosystem, acting as an organic pest control to common garden pests and reducing your need for chemicals. There is something deeply satisfying about watching the chickens meander through your backyard, knowing they are contributing to the health of your garden.

Consider the other benefits of backyard chickens as they are entertaining to watch. The companionship of your chickens, the joy they bring to your backyard, and their assistance in the garden are reasons enough to consider this delightful hobby.

Keeping chickens can be a wonderful way to teach children about nature and responsibility. You gain the practical benefit of fresh eggs right from your own backyard and have firsthand experience of sustainable living while reducing your carbon footprint by producing your own food and garden fertilizer.

With these 7 reasons in mind, it is clear that raising chickens in your backyard is a great idea. You strengthen your connection with the land, contribute to a sustainable lifestyle, and the chickens become part of your family and your garden’s wellbeing. After all, keeping chickens is not only about the chickens; it is about embracing an eco-friendly life and reaping the multitude of gifts they bring.

Integrating Backyard Chickens with Your Garden Ecosystem

Integrating backyard chickens into your garden ecosystem is a great way to raise backyard chickens while enhancing your garden’s productivity and health. If you have been contemplating raising chickens, it is essential to recognize the symbiotic relationship between your chickens and your garden.

When chickens are allowed to freely roam in the yard, they become integral to maintaining your garden ecosystem. The act of keeping chickens in your backyard provides an abundance of benefits for the gardener.

No chicken harness needed with Carmel
My chickens loved to come to wherever I was digging!
They especially loved it when digging in my raised-bed garden boxes.

One of the great advantages is the natural fertilizer they produce. As chickens scratch and peck within the garden, they contribute to soil aeration, creating a better environment for your plants to thrive. This natural integration encourages a circular exchange between the chickens and the garden, with your feathered friends contributing to the garden’s health and, in return, the garden supporting the well-being of the chickens.

If you are seeking ways to revitalize your garden, the addition of backyard chickens is an excellent strategy. Not only will they keep pests at bay by protecting your plants from unwanted nibblers, their droppings are rich in nitrogen, making them a fantastic source of fertilizer.

Fostering a more organic environment with the nutrient boost from the chickens, your garden will flourish reducing the need for chemical fertilizers

Raising chickens in the backyard promotes a sustainable lifestyle, enabling you to produce your own eggs. The eggs your chickens lay are not just delicious; they are a testament to the health and happiness of your chickens as they scratch around the garden. As we strive for sustainable living, the role of backyard chickens can not be overstressed.

A keen eye for integrating backyard chickens with your garden yields substantial rewards. Their innate foraging behavior means they will snack on many table scraps and garden cuttings, providing them with a varied diet and reducing your organic waste. With a thoughtful and well-structured approach, your chickens positively impact and contribute to the management of food waste. 

The chickens also become part of the garden’s appeal. When friends come over to admire your handiwork in the garden, they will be charmed by the entertaining antics of the chickens. As you raise backyard chickens, you will discover the joy in sharing the experience with others, reinforcing the great decision to keep these feathered companions in the backyard.

Great care is needed to protect both your garden ecosystem and your chickens from potential hazards. To make the most out of this partnership, it is vital to establish a space where your chickens can safely roam within the garden. Remember that your chickens need protection from predators therefore, a secure coop for nighttime and an enclosed run for daytime helps keep your feathered friends safe.The creation of a chicken-friendly habitat that includes shelter, space, and access to clean water ensures that the balance between the chickens and the garden is maintained. 

The joy of raising chickens in harmony with your garden is one that will provide endless satisfaction and benefits for both the gardener and the chickens alike. Embrace the potential of your backyard space by keeping chickens and watch as your garden ecosystem thrives.

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Q: What are some benefits of raising backyard chickens?
A: Raising backyard chickens offers fresh, organic eggs with noticeable quality over store-bought ones, and they come in various colors. Chickens are excellent for natural pest control, foraging for bugs and weeds, thus reducing chemical use in your garden. They are also garden helpers, turning your kitchen scraps into high-quality compost, and entertaining to watch with their distinct personalities. Additionally, they provide educational opportunities for the family, are therapeutic for many owners, and can be financially beneficial by saving on groceries or providing extra income from selling eggs.

Q: Do chickens really contribute to the garden ecosystem?
A: Absolutely, chickens provide rich, nitrogen-laden droppings that serve as excellent fertilizer for your garden. They aid in aerating the soil through their natural scratching behavior, and their waste contributes to creating nutrient-dense humus. By naturally controlling pests, they help maintain a healthy garden and reduce the need for harmful chemicals.

Q: Can backyard chickens be integrated safely into my garden?
A: Yes, with proper planning, chickens can roam safely within your garden, contributing to its health and productivity. Creating a chicken-friendly habitat with shelter, space, clean water, and protection from predators (like a secure coop and enclosed run) is key to a harmonious integration of chickens and your garden.

Q: How can backyard chickens support a sustainable lifestyle?
A: Backyard chickens help close the loop on a sustainable household ecosystem by providing a source of fresh eggs, reducing kitchen waste through composting, naturally fertilizing the garden, and encouraging biodiversity with their presence. They help decrease reliance on store-bought goods and chemical fertilizers, thus supporting a more sustainable way of living.

Q: What is the educational value of raising backyard chickens for my family?
Raising chickens is a practical way for the whole family to engage with nature and learn about responsible animal care, the cycle of life, and the origins of their food. It is a hands-on educational experience that helps ground us in the principles of environmental stewardship and sustainable living. Children especially benefit by gaining a better understanding of the connection between how we live and the natural world.

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